About US

Since 1991, EPI Fire Protection and Security has offered quality fire alarm and security services to its clients across the Greater Toronto Area, a proud tradition we continue to this day.

EPI specializes in the design, installation and testing of fire alarm and sprinkler systems for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Our staff – from designers to installers and technicians – are all highly-skilled, factory-trained and certified professionals with years of experience, and able to handle any job.

At EPI, our range of suppliers allows us to engineer, program, supply and install the most complex systems, regardless of the size, in both new and retrofit projects. Our team of expert certified technicians and fleet of reliable service vehicles are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We provide our clients with only the best equipment that meet all the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code, including fire sprinklers, fire pumps, fire alarms, suppression systems, extinguishers and other items you might need. We are committed to meeting our clients’ expectations through innovative solutions and quality service – at a reasonable cost.

At EPI, we welcome the opportunity to provide a quotation to complete any inspection, repair, installation or verification. We always respond quickly to any request for service, and our strong management team and office support staff can help with any inquiry you may have!