A Look at Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

Do you own a restaurant with a commercial kitchen? Is smoke or grease laden vapours being produced during cooking operations? If the answer is yes, a Hood Suppression System is required in your kitchen.

Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems are strategically designed to suppress kitchen fires in a quick and efficient manner. They consist of discharge nozzles that are located in the hood exhaust, directly above cooking appliances. Upon system activation, the hood’s nozzles release an extinguishing agent. Water is not used for extinguishing grease fires as it can potentially spread the fire and harm neighbouring bystanders. Instead, alternative agents (i.e. wet chemical) are used as they strategically extinguish the fire by smothering it, creating a blanket around the fuel, and depriving it of oxygen.

Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems are required to be inspected semi-annually by a licensed technician. Through the activation and shut down of various fire protection system components, Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems effectively extinguish kitchen fires, minimize appliance and property damage, and increase life safety. It is important to ensure a kitchen is equipped with a hood suppression system and it is properly maintained.