To Do’s for Saving Money!

Here are a few practical tips that property and facility maintenance personnel can use to help reduce expenses related to the maintenance of fire protection systems while not affecting the quality of the work being done or compliance with the relevant fire and building codes:

  • Replace batteries in smoke alarms yourself. You can easily do this without the assistance from a fire protection service company.
  • Train onsite staff (eg. superintendents, facility managers) on the basics of how a fire panel operates to help reduce expensive unnecessary after-hour services calls being placed.
  • Kill two birds with one stone by arranging with your fire protection to repair deficiencies identified during an inspection on the spot where possible, reducing the need for a return visit.
  • Shop around. If your quote seems too high, find another company to price the same work to ensure you are receiving competitive pricing.
  • Have extinguishers due for service replaced with new or just serviced extinguishers on the spot to avoid the cost of repeat visits.