EPI Technicians: Among your unsung COVID heroes

COVID-19 doesn’t care that inspections, service and repairs need to be done to ensure properly functioning fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

EPI Fire Protections front-line technicians in the field are among the unsung heroes of the ongoing public health emergency.

Right from the outset, these certified, licensed professionals put themselves, and as a result their loved ones they live with, on the line day-in and day-out continuing to perform their essential duties when so many are working from the safety of our own homes.

Whether it was entering a 400-unit condo, your local elementary school or hockey arena, EPI’s technicians continue on, regardless of the day’s COVID-19 case counts.

Despite taking every precaution possible, these hard-working professionals continue to take the inherent risk of performing the essential field work needed to ensure the proper functioning of the life safety systems needed to protect property and lives.

EPI Technicians: Among your unsung COVID heroes.