EPI Invests in Homegrown Talent

What is the secret to lasting 30 years in the life safety systems maintenance business? Developing a great team of skilled, professional CFAA Fire Alarm Technicians and Sprinkler Fitters.

Great technicians are not born, they are made.

EPI invests in the development of homegrown local talent, recruiting young people looking to get into a great trade or who have already begun taking some of the courses required to become licensed. EPI invests in the development and funding of new technicians helping guide them along the path to becoming great licensed technicians.

Our front line technicians are the key to providing great service to our customers. Prioritizing the cultivation of the next generation of skilled licensed technicians is the key to being able to provide excellent service for the decades ahead.

As we approach the 30th year since incorporation this November, we will be featuring some of these technicians, highlighting their journey from their first days in field.

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