Why is Fire Alarm Monitoring Important?

Is it absolutely necessary to use monitoring services if a building already has fire alarm and sprinkler systems installed? Yes.

It is crucial to understand that fire alarm systems do not notify the Fire Department or police. Fire alarm systems are designed to immediately notify building occupants in the event of a fire so they are able to evacuate as quickly as possible. Sprinkler systems are in place to extinguish fires.  However, if a building is not monitored, then neither a building’s owner/manager nor the fire department will be notified.  This can be especially problematic in the event that a fire takes place outside of business hours (during the middle of the night, for example).

Because there are several life safety systems that need to be installed, tested, repaired and maintained in a building, it is vital that a building have ULC-standard monitoring.

It also ensures the safety, security and well-being of a building’s residents, as well as protecting the property itself.

In Ontario, there are many types of buildings that are required to have fire alarm monitoring systems installed by law, including any Group A occupancy with an occupant load of more than 300, any Group B occupancy, Group F, Division 1 occupancy, and others.

For a full list of buildings, click here.

EPI offers fire alarm monitoring systems for all commercial, residential and industrial buildings across the Greater Toronto Area. To request a quote, visit epi-fps.ca today or call us at (416) 746-2225.

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