Sprinkler Systems Are the Best Way to Combat Fire

Canada currently has one of the worst fire loss records in the industrialized world, with some experts estimating the cost of fire at a whopping $11 billion annually. In addition to being very costly, fire is obviously also dangerous and has insurmountable effects on people’s lives.

That’s why, as part of its mandate, the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association (CASA) works towards lessening the impact of fire through various initiatives. Firstly, because most Canadians tragically die from fires that occur in their own homes, CASA has developed a National Public Awareness Campaign that promotes fire safety and prioritizes the importance of useful tools such as sprinkler systems.

It also works toward stymying the high costs of fire through the usage of modern fire sprinkler technology.

Fire sprinkler systems provide a level of protection that simply no other form of fire safety can provide. For all industrial, recreational and commercial buildings and homes, the installation of fire sprinkler systems is by far the most effective way not to fall prey to the high cost of fire – and its potentially deadly and life-altering consequences.

Because sprinklers respond to fires while they are still small, they are able to control the spread of the deadly heat, flames and toxic smoke.

CASA also implements other ways in which it supports its mandate of reducing fires in Canada.

For a full list of its objectives, click here.

EPI Fire Protection Inc. is proud to have recently become the 41st member in Ontario to join this exclusive club of sprinkler professionals that work closely with fire and building officials, architects and others.

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