The Benefits of Smoke Alarms

Canadians knows the importance of fire safety and why it is absolutely necessary to install smoke or fire alarms in any residential home or commercial property.

In Ontario, it’s been the law since 2006.

Unlike other decisions in life, installing smoke alarms is a no-brainer given all the pros and none of the cons. But there are other important things to know about these alarms as well.

Interconnection. In a multi-floor dwelling it is preferable to have interconnected smoke alarms.  When one Interconnected alarm activates, all the smoke alarms connected will activate.  This interconnection allows all the occupants of a building to be immediately warned of the threat and providing crucial extra time to leave an area with a fire, time that could save lives.

Sleep Easier. Smoke alarms notify occupants of a residence in the event of a fire.  This is perhaps most useful when fires take place at night while residents are sleeping and most vulnerable.

The More the Merrier. Smart property and homeowners have numerous alarms. Placing them in the kitchen and bedrooms is crucial.  For optimal protection there should be a working alarm in every bedroom as well as on each floor.

It is crucial to check the batteries regularly in a smoke alarm.  A good time to test a smoke alarm’s battery is when clocks are being changed for daylights savings time.

EPI offers a variety of fire or smoke alarms to our clients. To request a quote, call us at (416) 746-2225.

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