Winter isn’t over yet. Follow these DIY tips to prevent your pipes from freezing

We’ve all been enjoying a break from the extreme cold with some mild January weather but despite our hopes for an early Spring, we’re unfortunately due for a particularly “brutal” February and even March in the Greater Toronto Area.

As such, we advise property managers and owners alike to stay up-to-date on all your routine winter maintenance to reduce the chances of sprinkler pipes freezing or cracking. Repairing cracked sprinkler pipes can be costly especially if it is an after-hours situation. But if you follow these Do-It-Yourself tips, you’ll be able to reduce if not avoid any unfortunate surprises in the upcoming weeks.

  1. Insulate your pipes. Whenever cold air blows on a pipe, there’s the potential for them to freeze, so make sure your pipes are well-insulated. Be sure to check them for any holes or cracks as even the tiniest hole can let cold air blow in.  Adding insulation around pipes, particularly ones in unheated areas (as those are more prone to freezing) is a smart idea.
  2. Make sure you are maintaining a constant heating source wherever wet sprinkler piping is specifically placed to guard against water freezing in pipes in subzero temperature
  3. Drain drum drips weekly. This will prevent excess water from remaining in your pipes. Excess water in pipes can lead to cracked pipes, which requires expensive repairs.

For other ways to winterize your property, click here or call us at EPI Fire Protection Inc. with any questions you may have at (416) 746-2225.

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