Stay Out of Trouble with EPI

Compliance = Not Optional! 

Loss of life and property aren’t the only detrimental effects of not properly maintaining a building’s life safety systems.  

Not keeping a building in full compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and any other local municipal regulations can be costly. Individuals can face fines of up to $50,000 and face a year in prison!  A corporation can be hit with fines of up to $100,000.00. 

The City of Toronto’s Fire Department alone has a team of full time inspectors who conduct over 8,000 inspections every year and issue hundreds of Notice of Violations orders. 

Stay out of trouble and off the Fire Department’s radar by ensuring all life safety systems are being maintained as required. Ensuring the life safety systems are being maintained properly is among the most important responsibilities that a building owner or manager has. Don’t wait for a steep fine resulting from an unannounced visit from a Fire Department inspector to make this point for you.

For 30 years EPI has been working with building owners and property managers to make sure that their life safety systems comply with the Ontario Fire Code and local regulations. Helping customers who have been issued a Notice of Violation is like fixing your car at the side of the road.  Far from ideal circumstances.  Regular inspections, repairs and maintenance will prevent property managers/owners from having to deal with the stressful and potentially very expensive damage a formal Notice of Violation brings.

Preventative measures are always the way to go.  Helping property managers and building owners properly upkeep their life safety systems and therefore stay out of the crosshairs of authorities is something EPI has been doing for decades. 

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