How EPI Delivers the Highest Quality Services

Delivering high-quality life safety systems maintenance services takes more than just dispatching technicians to buildings to test or repair life safety equipment.

Training, supervision, and oversight are some of the important aspects of a robust quality control program needed to ensure the continued delivery of high-quality service.

Here are a few key indicators to use in determining the quality of a life safety systems maintenance company:

➤ The length of time it takes to receive the reports after the conclusion of an inspection

➤ If requirements are separated from recommendations on repair work that is quoted

➤ How long it takes for a technician to arrive on location when an on-demand service request is placed

➤ How long it takes to receive an update on the status of work being done

➤ The difficulty in reaching someone knowledgeable who is capable of answering questions such as the status of an ongoing job or the specifics of an inspection report or quotation

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it…

EPI is able to consistently deliver high-quality service because of the emphasis it places on tracking the service it delivers in the field.

Among these are:

✅ Average length of time it takes field technicians to submit inspection reports;

✅ All quoting goes through a rigorous process that culminates in management sign-off;

✅ EPI vehicles have GPS tracking which provides the ability to update customers on estimated times of arrival in real time as well as track how long it takes to respond to service requests on average

EPI Fire Protection strives to go beyond the typical customer/vendor relationship by acting as a trusted industry advisor and partner, assisting with all of a building‘s life safety systems maintenance related needs.

#EPITurns30 is not something that would have been possible without ensuring that the needs of customers’ life safety systems are taken care of in a prompt, professional and transparent manner.

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