EPI Celebrates Canada Day

EPI is proud to be a Canadian-owned company. We’ve been servicing the Greater Toronto Area for 30 years in the greatest country in the world.

We employ great people from all backgrounds and walks of life, being a microcosm of Canada’s great multicultural mosaic. We are gratified to do our small part in keeping Canadian lives and property safe through the professional life safety systems maintenance duties we perform day-in and day-out.

We service the communities we live in through maintaining the life safety systems in our shared spaces such as hockey arenas and libraries, apartments and condominiums, our schools, places of higher learning, Long Term Care Centres and more.

EPI is immersed in the community, seeing first-hand what a great country we live in everyday.

Happy 153rd Birthday to Canada and Happy Canada Day to all!

Photo from the EPI picnic in July, 2019.

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