Four Components of a Building’s Life Safety System

It takes a team effort to provide complete protection of a building’s inhabitants and property. Detection, suppression and illumination to provide safe exits are all covered through one of these four life safety systems.

  • Fire Alarm Systems: triggered by heat, smoke or a good samaritan activating an alarm. Occupants can be warned and the fire department dispatched.
  • Sprinklers: 97% of fires are put out by just one sprinkler head. Sprinklers extinguish fires saving property and lives.
  • Extinguishers: An extinguisher gives occupants the chance to put out a fire themselves. There should always be an extinguisher nearby.
  • Emergency Lighting: Even in a power outage, emergency lighting ensures that you can always find your way out.

Don’t wait for an emergency to find out if any of these four components are working properly. Buildings require regular inspection and testing to meet local standards. EPI Fire Protection Inc. has been helping upkeep the life safety systems at every type of building across the GTA for 30 years.

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