Meet Nikfar Elahi: Master Sprinkler Fitter

It can take just one sprinkler head to prevent the destruction of a family’s home and to avert the loss of human lives. In order for this protection to be possible, the fire sprinkler systems to which each sprinkler head is connected require regular maintenance to operate properly. Performing the maintenance and repair work to upkeep these crucial life safety systems relies on the knowledge and experience of industry veterans such as Nikfar Elahi, a longtime red seal sprinkler fitter with EPI Fire Protection Inc.

With over 30 years of field experience in maintaining fire sprinkler systems, Nikfar has mastered the testing and repair of all components of these life safety systems including the wet, dry, preaction, deluge, fire pump, jockey pump, backflow and more. Day in and day out Nikfar can be found either conducting inspections, troubleshooting, doing repair work or whatever is necessary to ensure these systems are operating as required.

While Nikfar is modest about his skills, he is generous with his knowledge, sharing what he knows with younger sprinkler fitter apprentices who will have to dedicate many years in the field in order to become a licensed sprinkler fitter like himself.

One of the most important things for Nikfar in this line of work is his level of commitment to taking every job seriously. People’s lives are at stake, and at EPI Fire Protection Inc. he is empowered with the tools, equipment and office/management support to do the high-quality professional work he does on sprinkler systems daily in buildings across the Greater Toronto Area.

EPI Fire Protection could not keep the sprinkler systems operating properly at the hundreds of buildings it provides maintenance services for without experienced fitters like Nikfar. He is a dedicated professional and a true team player that is on the front line of training the next generation of great sprinkler fitters. Nikfar is an important part of the EPI Fire Protection Sprinkler Department team.

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