Meet Joy Arevin: Fast-Moving EPI Technician

Meet Joy Arevin who is a fast-moving, versatile technician with EPI who has learned the business inside-out in the 3 years he’s been with the company. 

A graduate of the Fire Protection Engineering Technology program at Seneca College, Joy started off at EPI as a junior technician where he learned how to work with all the main types of fire panels in the industry. In this role he was also able to quickly move between different systems such as sprinklers, fire alarms, pre-action and special suppression systems. 

Joy accumulated knowledge the old-fashioned way, working day in and day out in the field assisting with and eventually leading the conducting of inspections and repairs of life safety systems. Joy earned his CFAA license during this period and as a result of his great performance in the field, has recently advanced to the projects department, where he participates in fire panel installations and replacements as well as troubleshooting programming-related issues. 

However, all the training in the world cannot change the fact that this job is not always an easy one. Being on the road 24-7, and navigating the challenges of COVID over the past year are just a few things that make EPI technicians front-line workers against the threats that fires pose to our communities. 

For Joy, the best part of the job is “working in a team-driven environment where everybody works together to get the job done.” He highlights that solid communication with management and the professional growth opportunities are what makes EPI an extraordinary place to work. 

EPI prioritizes investing in the development of professional and competent technicians like Joy. Fostering a culture of training and mentorship between junior and senior technicians is the key to maintaining a high quality, talented pool of skilled technicians to deploy to keep property and people safe. 

#EPITurns30 would not have been possible if there wasn’t a development program in place to produce great technicians like Joy.

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