Sprinkler Heads: Standard vs Quick Response

When choosing a fire sprinkler to safeguard your property, it is important to know the various types of sprinkler heads available as they will impact the quality of your building’s fire protection plan.

The two most commonly used heads are standard and quick response. While both have the common goal of extinguishing fires and protecting those in danger, each type is designed to combat specific types of hazard.

Standard Response Fire Sprinkler Heads

Standard Response (SR) fire sprinkler heads are found in large and spacious commercial or industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories. SR heads wet and cool the areas surrounding a fire, thereby removing its fuel source and preventing its flames from spreading. This ultimately slow downs the fire as much as possible before the fire department arrives.


SR heads are individually activated, which means that they will only become active if a fire starts directly below them.

Quick Response Fire Sprinkler Heads

Quick Response (QR) fire sprinkler heads are most commonly used in light hazard situations such as office buildings, assisted living facilities or schools. While they have the same fire-control capabilities as a standard head, they discharge water higher up on the ceiling and walls in order to stop the fire from rising. This also helps maintain lower ceiling temperatures and gives more time for the building’s occupants to safely evacuate.

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